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More accessible these days, and easily affordable by even the smallest operation. Hosted on a free sub-domain with either  WiX or weebly

Let us set up a website for you at an affordable price, with no monthly fees. 


Originally I used WiX as my FREE web builder on a FREE sub-domain, and recently returned to it.

Some time back I also stumbled upon weebly, and set up a FREE website, using their FREE web builder on a FREE sub-domain


This is the main service I offer.


Setting up your website, but over and above for this, I also assist in setting up your Social Media, which includes a Facebook Business page, Gmail and your Google Business site.

Let's get you started 
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There are also options for paid websites published to your own domain, and custom email addresses. Hosting fees are payable monthly or annually, and domain fees are payable annually.

I can assist you through this process, so feel free to contact me and we can discuss.

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