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I am a freelance graphic designer

residing in Knysna, Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA.



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Knysna local child, born and bred.


Spending the greatest part of my adult life working in the hospitality industry in Knysna.


I briefly started studying interior design by correspondence in the early 90s, during which time I discovered computers. Having found no way to incorporate pcs into interior design, I dropped the course, and started as process of discovery which would find me where I am now.


I started very basic designs in Print Master on an XT computer with an amber screen running MS Dos 6.2. Later having upgraded to a pc that could run Windows 3.1 and later to Windows 95, I discovered CorelDRAW, with the first version used being version 4.


By 1996, I felt comfortable enough to start designing freelance on a part time basis, and after exploring company titles, I decided to start designing under the name dizziworx.


Late 2006 I left for Cape Town looking to broaden my horisons, and after being briefly employment at a Boutique Hotel in Sea Point, a door opened for me into graphic design and printing. I secured a position as a Junior Graphic Designer at Minuteman Press Cape Town, and commenced employment early 2007. The position involved designing extensively for Digital, Litho as well as Large Format printing.


By mid 2013 I was diagnosed with severe type-2 diabetes. Battling to get my condition under control, I resigned from my position as Senior Designer, took a short break and decided to return to my home town and pursue freelance graphic design. 


I briefly contracted on a freelance basis to a local signage company named SignRight, until its closure in September 2015. I started designing freelance again post recovery from an eye operation in Cape Town.

I discontinued the name dizziworx in favour of DESIGNRIGHT, and rebranded myself to design freelance on a full time basis. 


In October 2015 I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and again was forced to take a break. By early 2016 I started employment at Blitsdruk Knysna as a Junior Graphic Designer.


By mid 2020 at the first peak of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic in South Africa, I was released from my position at my place of employment which then allowed me the opportunity to start designing freelance on a full time basis again.


As a full-time freelance designer, I always commit 100% to every project, regardless of its size.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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